Does time matter?

Why care about time while traveling? Nobody cares about being late? Forget about forcing yourself to get everything ready on time. Try to relax and loose yourself in the ultimate feeling of loosing yourself in time. Why limit your mind with the strict borders of hours and minutes. So why wear a watch while adventurous?

A watch that not only reminds me of Western time constraints, but also tells me that my raincoat should appear, that I haven’t climbed as high as I though and helps to keep me on track in the desert. I came to an outdoor store twenty years ago and since then I have only taken off the Finnish clockwork when the strap broke.

Every day when I look at my shining Suunto Observer watch, I see the scratches in the casing next to the face. These scares remind me of all the adventures. I close my eyes and take a step back in time: I remember getting caught on the watch while crawling in the sand under the Land Rover fixing some parts in the middle of nowhere in southern Algeria.

I feel the anxiety of trying to figure out what to do when climbing Monroes in Scotland in winter and loosing my climbing partner in the fog.

Never thought that a stopwatch can be so important in drinking games, when split seconds will decide if you will end up with a hangover, or smiling at the drunk loosers.

How long should you wait for help and stick with your mate after a accident, or should you leave him alone and run for help? I looked at my watch then every 5 seconds while trying to decide what to do. My head still tingles when I remember breaking the wristband for the first time in a bar fight when visiting a pub in Cardiff with my rugbymates during a tour in Wales.

Pain, relieve, hope, doubt, headache and happyness. We shared it all togehter

How important is it to know how high the peak that you have conquered with fear and sweat was. Does life need direction, or are you able to find something beautiful in everything? Are you going to look for shelter if your barometer tells you that the rain will change your day, or will you not let yourself be taken away from the adventure? How important is time when you are happy?

The watch forms part of my body, so that I always have the feeling that in an emergency there is an answer within reach. And that feels good!